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Last modified 15 November 1997

This is my emulator collection .....

To build these you will need the shareware A86 assembler (easily available) and a 'C' Compiler. The programs were written in Borland's Turbo C 2.0 but should compile fairly easily under most compilers. All of the files are ZIP files (except for the two Chip-8 interpreters which are COM files).

To build later programs (Gameboy 97, Jupiter Ace, Sinclair machines) you'll need Borland TASM v4.0 or similar.

Please note that all these programs are freeware. You can do what you like with them, except that they must continue to be freely distributed (i.e. no payment can be made for this software). If you use any of this software, keep my name with the distribution. Please inform me of any bugs that you discover and/or correct. You will need about a 486/33 processor for them to operate at full speed. (Slightly more for A26)

Additionally , do not write to me asking me where to find game ROMs etc. These messages will be ignored. I try to answer all other mail. Please do not except instant replies as I am rather busy at present.

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NESA 0.17 (Nintendo NES Emulator) 13,370 bytes

NESA 0.17 (Nintendo NES Emulator) Source 42,337 bytes

TRS-80 Emulator 17,669 bytes

TRS-80 Emulator Source 62,210 bytes

Commodore VIC-20 emulator 7,899 bytes

Commodore VIC-20 Emulator source 26,247 bytes

A26 0.15 (Atari VCS) Emulator 23,308 bytes

A26 0.15 (Atari VCS) Emulator Source 69,652 bytes

Chip-8 Interpreter (Text Mode) 3,952 bytes

Chip-8 Interpreter (VGA Mode) 3,952 bytes

Chip-8 Interpreter Source 23,691 bytes

6502 Generation Core in C and A86 (used by NESA and VIC20) 13,751 bytes

Gameboy 97 Source Code

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